Cycle Repairs 24/7 T's & C's User Friendly Versions

Terms & Conditons for Supply of Goods & Services For Cycle Repairs 24/7


Here at cycle repairs we want to offer the best experience for the rider in distress. This includes ensuring the fairest disputes resolution in the business. We offer a six month guarantee on any repair work that we carry out. In addition we provide generous discounts and refunds policy for the very rare occasions when things go wrong. I Rest easy safe in the knowledge that we operate a 24 hour customer care helpline to make sure you are up and pedalling in no time. We process all of your personal information in accordance with relevant national data protection legislation’s, check out our privacy policy for more detail on this. You can also read our longhand terms and conditions here, this is all the boring legal stuff but its all there should you wish to enquire. Overall, if you ever have any queries about how we work, our policies and user processes or anything to do with your order just give us a shout. We can be reached 24 hours a day via a variety contact points. We are fully transparent with everything we do, by bikers for bikers!

1. General

1. – is a site operated by Cycle Repairs 24/7 estalished in 2022 Head Office in Manchester. 
2. – is an infrastructure of independent bicycle mechanics, working within a system managed by Cycle Repairs 24/7. 
3. The Mechanic – Each Cycle Repair Mechanic is an independent entity autonomously working their own business. Cylce Repairs 24/7 ensure that localised trade is guided by national support.
4. A customer – is an individual or commercial entity that purchases the services offered by Cycle Repairs 24/7. 
5. A customer books online, for whatever repair they require, a mechanic then attaends at a mutually agreed time. 
6. All booking are concurrent with a specific service that the customer books. The booking portal will detail a range of repair options and response times.
7. Customer will then be issued a booking reference, which they will cite for any future queries regarding their booking. 
8. By using the contact form users agree with the processing of your data by this website.
9. Refunds are dealt with by Cycle Repairs 24/7 alongside any other disputes please see our contact page for further details.
10. We can repair any E-bike, but the legal requirements are slightly different. Please see our dedicated E-bike section for further details on this. 


2. The Customer agrees to:

  1. Bike Ownership and Responsibility: By authorising Cycle Repairs 24/7 to service or repair your bicycle, you certify that you are its rightful owner. If you arrange for other bikes from friends or work colleagues to be serviced simultaneously, you will be responsible for payment, authorizing additional work, ensuring the bikes are ready for service, and maintaining a safe working area. More details can be found under “Working Conditions” below.

  2. Safe Working Environment: You agree to provide a safe environment for our mechanic to carry out the repair work.

  3. Respectful Conduct: Throughout your booking, you commit to treating all members of staff with respect and politeness.

  4. Independent Mechanics: Cycle Repairs 24/7 members are independent mechanics who have been verified and vetted by Cycle Repairs 24/7. Our system automatically identifies the appropriate mechanic and issues instructions upon booking. The mechanic responds within 30 minutes to schedule a mutually convenient repair time.

  5. Cancellation Policy: In the event of a customer’s cancellation, the booking deposit will be retained by Cycle Repairs 24/7 to cover operational expenses associated with organising the booking. If Cycle Repairs 24/7 cancels on the customer, the booking deposit will be refunded.

  6. Additional Terms: Please refer to our booking, cancellation, refund, and dispute resolution policies for further relevant terms and conditions.

By using Cycle Repairs 24/7 services, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using our services.


3. Refund Policy

  1. Payment Terms annd Conditions:

Prompt payment in full requested at time of invoice. We accept Card Payments and direct payment by Bank Transfer.
Any parts remain the property of Cycle Repairs 24/7 until paid fully by customer. 
Any parts specially ordered must be paid in full beforehand and cannot be returned for credit. 
2. Refunds: 
If we cannot meet our appoitment time, we offer a full refund and or alternative boooking slot at a time that suits the customer. If the customer cancels the appointment then they will be charged the original booking deposit as a cancellation fee.  If a customer wishes to process a refund instead we will fully obgile after conducting a review. If the repairs was not carried out in line with our guarantess and terms and conditions procedure can be found here, we also operate a 24 hour phone service and will always listen to any customers concerns.
3. Appointments: 
due to the nature of the business, and keeping on time for appointment’s, there is a chance of running late. Cycle Repairs 24/7 will do our up-most to keep you informed. 
To confirm your appointment a booking fee of a custom amount is payable.

If the mechanic or staff at Cycle Repairs 24/7 Ltd try to contact you (the client) and we do not recieve any response you will not be entiltiled to a refund of the booking deposit. 
4. Quality Assurance: 
Cycle Repairs 24/7 guarantee all our work with our Common Sense warranty. You expect a job to be done properly and our parts to be suitable for the job and last a reasonable amount of time, as is your right. Thus, if there is any aspect you are unhappy about, then get in touch and we will discuss how to resolve your issue amicably. Similary, we would not expect you to ask us to be responsible for damage caused by accidents, carelessness and off-road excursions. Cycle Repairs 24/7 warrant that their work will be done to a professional standard and any defective work will be corrected free of charge to the customer.  Work will be guaranteed for 90 days, subject to appropiate use. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. 
5. Working Conditions: 

At Cycle Repairs 24/7, we take pride in our work and back it up with our Common Sense warranty. We understand your expectations for a job well done and using suitable parts that endure for a reasonable period – it’s your right. Should you find any aspect of our service unsatisfactory, please reach out to us, and we’ll gladly discuss ways to amicably resolve the matter.

It’s essential to bear in mind that we cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from accidents, carelessness, or off-road excursions. However, we do assure you that our work will be carried out to a professional standard.

5.  Workshop Price Matrix: 

There is a minimum charge/calout of £40.00

There is a storage charge of £10 per day for any bike that is not collected/dropped off within 3 days of the customer being informed that the work on the bike is complete. There may be a travel charge for outside the working area (see Areas Covered). Then there is a charge of £1.00p/mile for total mileage. 
Example 20miles = £20.00 
If a bicycle is in a dirty/unclean condition there may be a charge for cleaning to allow for closer insoection of the frame and components. All website prices are for labour only, parts will be charged as extra upon the localised pricing adjustments. 

The above T’s & C’s are set out by Cycle Repairs 24/7 Ltd in line with the industry guidelines and relevant UK legislation’s.